Real Estate Brochure Design & Print Marketing

Award Winning Photography & Strong visual design is at the core of everything we produce. We understand that first impressions are crucial to communicating your message to potential real estate clients, tenants or investors, as well as elevating your brand image, company or property. 3wire Photography constantly develops fresh ideas for our print collateral, brand identity, signage, digital marketing campaigns or interactive projects. From simple property brochures to complex investment portfolios, we continuously strive to create professional visual experiences that evoke a powerful response, helping to clearly define your message and deliver fast business impact.

Real Estate Marketing and Brochure Design

3wirePhotography has been a pioneer in the Little Rock real estate market for over 15 years. We’ve learned what marketing works effectively and what will be a waste of time. Branding YOURSELF within real estate industry is one of the most important marketing approaches you should learn to accomplish. Professional logos and graphics, property photography, print design and property brochures are one the best way to do that.

Just as your listings should showcase great "curb appeal", your real estate marketing materials should showcase the same message. Successful real estate marketing strategies should entice prospective buyers to learn more about your properties. Branding of your website, flyers, digital marketing and print media should solicit the same response, enticing clients to learn more about you and what advantages you have to offer. Branding Strategies will encompass a wide range of elements working together. The layout and design of your real estate marketing materials plays a huge part in how effective your branding will be as effective selling tools.

Professional Real Estate Graphic Design Services

Real estate is an industry that is clearly defined by YOU (the real estate agent) but more specifically by the way you represent yourself and do business. Mastering the real estate industry is all about individuality and branding yourself to be both relevant and important for your prospective clients as well as the real estate community as a whole. With thousands of professional real estate agents competing for the same potential clients, finding a niche market to capitalize on or becoming an industry expert in a particular area or neighborhood will help to separate yourself from the others. With so many new marketing channels both in digital and in print, it’s vital to keep you branding relevant and consistent.

Hiring a professional designer can also cut down on the time it takes to create these materials yourself. Successful real estate agents typically don’t have the time to handle their own marketing materials and develop an effective branding strategy. They are more interested in meeting with clients, building relationships, networking, writing contracts, and closing sales. Utilizing a professional graphic designer or partnering with a real estate marketing agency will also help your current and prospective clients learn more about you and the services you provide. A professional graphic designer will be skilled in latest graphics software and design technology. This will eliminate the stress of spending time and money having to learning new programs that may not deliver the desired results. Professional graphic designers have the ability to design, real estate brochures, flyers, real estate postcards, business cards, listing presentations, banner ads and social media posts. Before hiring a graphics professional, it is important to find out what type of services they provide and what type of marketing materials you need.

Make a list of the real estate marketing materials you want created. This will help you evaluate the best strategy moving forward. Outline your real estate marketing strategy It’s hard to reach a destination if you don’t know where you’re going. Obviously, most graphic designers will have a great eye for design and a technical IQ for navigating different software programs. But what most graphics designers don’t have, is a real estate business acumen and track record of developing marketing strategies in the real estate industry. Marketing a house is not like marketing a car, a new widget, or a product you can purchase online. Homes are considered long term investments and typically require major life decisions. There are also outside variables that affect the sale of a property including, location, schools, crime rates and neighborhood amenities. So not only do you have to creatively market the property and price, but you also have to sell the environment and area of the house.

Identify what marketing strategies work BEST in your market.

Discover what strategies other real estate agents are using and keep an eye on what others are doing in your real estate market.

Learn what approaches other agents are taking with regards to branding. Develop a list of popular real estate brands and look what they are doing to establish their visual identities. Spend time studying their logos, brochures, print design, website content and features, social media strategies and other marketing materials. There might be some special aesthetic elements that really inspire you or attract you. Concentrate more on designing a logo that has a greater impact on your audience. Your logo should reflect your credibility in the real estate market as well as your personality. It should be something that people will remember even after they have seen it a limited number of times. You should not only look at your competitors’ logos but also at their overall branding strategies.

The first place you should start any branding approach is your website. 92% of people use the internet to start their home search. Your website is the base of your marketing strategy. It’s also what all your other marketing materials should drive your traffic towards. So it’s important to have your marketing materials there first. After your website, you should carry them across your social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+. Every social media platform has their own unique image sizes and layouts to allow users to display their logos.

You can also use your design collateral in email marketing. Your email marketing template should have a unique and professional look that matches the rest of your branding. You can also use it across all of your printed materials including your business cards, marketing materials, listing presentations, and multimedia content.

Incorporate promotional real estate marketing materials.

Promotional marketing materials should be designed by a graphic design professionals for a number of reasons:

• Designers have had years of experience working with Brand Strategies

• An artistic eye will keep your branding identity sharp and professional looking

• Brand consistency across all media channels develops brand equity and builds trust

• Proper use of typography keeps the sales message clean and easy to read.

• Correct file formatting, sizing and optimization across various social media channels

• A good graphic designer will consider things like color theory, negative space, setting focus and call to action placement.