Real Estate Photos Ranked Highest in Little Rock

Millennials say Real Estate Photography is the most important aspect related to their home search. In a recent study published by the National Association of Realtors called “Real Estate in a Digital Age” 83% of home buyers listed real estate property photos as their number one valuable website feature. This statistic is over twice the amount of people that listed virtual tours as being valuable. Buyers are now previewing up to 10 homes online before they schedule an appointment with a realtor or attend and open house.

Little Rock Real Estate Photography Ranks Most Important

Millennials make up the largest group of first-time home buyers at 68%, followed by Generation X at 29%. We live in a selfie-taking digital age where everything is posted to social media. This includes what our interests are, who we socialize with, where we visit, what food we eat and what purchases we make. Buying a new home is no exception.

Professional real estate photography is now more important than ever to the success or failure of homes sales.

This is mainly because buyers want to showcase the biggest investment of their lives with everyone they know. Buyers are not only looking to purchase a great home, they are also looking to purchase a professional photo gallery of images to share with their entire social circle. How well are you showcasing your listings? Are professional real estate photos incorporated into your real estate marketing strategies? If not… Your listings are probably being overlooked by at least 83% of home buyers. Let us help!

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